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Pine Cone Bird  Feeders

Bird and pet lovers have been using pine cones for eons for food, bird toys, and chew toys. While our cones have little natural seed still intact, bird feeders are easily constructed and are a fun family crafts project. Our bird feeder kits offer a variety of cone choices and cones can often be “reloaded” several times.
The Hello Birdie “Chick Magnets” collection is a trio of pine cone bird feeder kits providing good, clean fun for the entire family, Scout troop, class rooms, etc. The kit pictured here has 3 large Ponderosa cones and includes wire to hang feeders , 1 pound of birdseed ( enough to load each cone a couple times) and some easy to follow instructions. The “Chick Magnets” also come in a Jeffreys Pine cone arrangement with 2 nice Jeffreys cones.
The Sugar Pine cone bird feeder kit comes with 1 Sugar cone about 10” long. All you need to add is peanut butter or lard to stick the bird seed to the cone and the “Chick Magnets” will begin attracting many varieties of birds to your yard.
Each kit is $9.00 or mix them up in a 6 pack box for $49.00
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