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Affordable High Quality Pine Cones

from the Pacific Northwest


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Welcome to Pine Cones of the Northwest

The Holidays are still our busiest time of year, but pine cones are becoming more mainstream every year. Wedding planners and florists seek out cones of many varieties to add ambiance, texture, and depth to table settings, sprays, floral arrangements center pieces, seating assignments/card holders, and garland. Our new “Pieces & Parts” page offers various carved-up cones for imaginative displays. If you want some cones sliced, that are not mentioned here, let us know and we can possibly make what you need.

Ponderosa Pine Cones HP.jpg
Light to dark brown / reddish brown. Color under the leaves of black, brown, tan, violet, and red.
Large Pine Cones HP.jpg
Ponderosa, Whitepine, Sugarpine, Jeffrey, Slash, Norwegian, Spruce, Longleaf, Digger
Medium Pine Cones HP.jpg
Pine Cones & Conifer Cones. Ponderosa, Austrian, Loblolly, Sandpine, Whitepine, Blue Spruce
Small Pine Cones HP.jpg
Ponderosa, Scotch, Lodgepole, Redpine, Jack Pine, Engelmann Spruce, and more.
Paint, Tip & Pick Pine Cones HP.jpg
Painted Austrians
Picked Austrians
Lodgepole Pine Cones
Hanger Pine Cones HP.jpg
These display-grade Ponderosa cones are hand selected for superb color and intact structure.
Pieces & Parts Pine Cones HP.jpg
Full-length Sugar Cone Halves
Sugar Pine Rosettes & Florets
Ponderosa Pine Halves
Bird Feeder HP.jpg
The Hello Birdie “Chick Magnets” collection is a trio of pine cone bird feeder kits providing good clean fun.
Botanicals HP.jpg
Old Man's Beard, Lichen, Mistletoe, Birch Branches, Manzanita Branches, and more.

Pine Cone Qualities

Pine cones can last for years! We believe that you want great looking pine cones for your personal or business uses. All pine cones from the current year's harvest are natural and untreated. All cones are inspected at least four times when picked, sorted, counted, and shipped.

Ponderosa Pine are our most popular cones so we grade them by size and quality for best customer satisfaction.

Grade "A" Ponderosa Pine Cones

Grade "A" Ponderosas are top grade and basically flawless, and work well for full displays.

Grade "B" Ponderosa Pine Cones

Grade "B" Ponderosas also look great from at least the front view, yet may have flaws on one side, therefore their cost is discounted from the Grade A's.  Grade "B" Ponderosas work great for wreaths, boughs, garlands, woodwork, art, landscaping, ground covers, mulch, medicinals, birdfeeders, bird entertainment, and more.


Truckloads - Ponderosa - Sugar - Austrian - Jeffrey - Scotch - Boughs - Birch - Branches

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Bulk Orders Specials

White Pine - Sitka Spruce - Douglas Fir - Western Larch - Western Hemlock - Engleman Spruce - Red Alder

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Wreaths - Boughs - Garlands - Arts & Crafts - Candles - Weddings - Displays - Floral Arrangements - Bird Feeders - Landscaping - Ground - Covers - Mulch - Medicinal Tea & Tinctures - Woodworking - Christmas Decorations - Parties - Gifts - Card Display Holders - Firestarters - and more.

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